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What to pack in your hospital bag?


Today marks my 39 week pregnancy and all I can think about is taking my first walk with our baby. Obviously, the baby must first choose the day of her birth. And for that moment, the Bags are packed, since it can start at any time. Since I want to deliver the baby in the hospital, I want to share with you what I packed in my hospital Bag. Well actually… I packed several hospital Bagss. Because even though I’m not supposed to stay long in the hospital after deliveRing our little one, I’m sure I’ll take one for the baby, one for mom, and one for dad too. Maybe it’s an exaggeration, but in times of stress I like to keep things organized. And since I’m doing all of this for the first time and have no idea what to expect, I like to be as prepared as possible. So what to pack in your hospital Bag? Or bags, in my case.


The baby hospital bag

For the baby we will use our chic and practicalChildren’s Homenursery bag (morehere) that is mostly filled with clothes in three different sizes: preemie, Newborn, and 1 month, including matching hats and socks. We are also taking ourGoGo by Puckababywith us to make sure we can wrap the baby and keep it warm. We are bRinging diapers and wipes, but I’m sure they will have those at the hospital as well. The car seat has also been installed in the car, since you cannot leave the hospital without one. Ours isEvoluna i-Size 2ofBoyand I love it. The Evoluna i-Size 2 was rated the safest infant car seat. The optimized side impact protection as well as the one-click connection to the Kiddy Isofix Base 2 not only make this infant car seat safe, but also very easy to use. And with the Evostar Light 1 stroller, this car seat can be removed from the car with a single click and easily attached to the stroller so this mom can take her little one for a ride. The only question is ‘When baby… when are you coming out so we can go on a little adventure together?’


Mom’s hospital bag

My bag is also full. Of course I need all my papers like pregnancy details, birth plan and insurance cards. I’ll be wearing two nightgowns that should be comfortable during labor (not sure if I’ll get a hospital gown) and warm socks. My outfit to go home is one of my favorite dresses since I think it will be the most comfortable and some loafers. However, I also brought flip flops in case I can’t Handle anything too tight, even around my feet. Nursing bras will also be needed from then on; or a nursing tank. I will bring my phone, phone charger and camera. Now don’t get me wrong: I don’t want photos during labor, but definitely some in those first few moments with the three of you. And, of course, toiletries, as I think I’ll love being able to recuperate postpartum and freshen up whenever I want. Think makeup wipes, favorite lip balm, shampoo, makeup,comb and a Hand mirror in case I can’t get out of bed…


Dad’s hospital bag

Daddy’s bag will include all the fun stuff, including a laptop and an iPad so we can Watch a movie during contractions. You’ll also be bringing plenty of snacks; not only for us, but also for doctors. And he will also be responsible for what he will keep with the money, cards and house keys. Since he could also freshen up, we will take an extra pair of clothes and toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, things for hair etc also.


So there will be a lot to take to the hospital… I hope this post will help you one day when you have to start thinking about what to pack in your hospital bag!


Photography byMarinke Davelaar/@Marinke_photography

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