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Spy or Secret Agent Birthday Cake

My boys turned eight (eight?!) over the weekend. Their birthday party had a spy (or secret agent) theme.
I made this super simple magnifying glass cake for the party. All you need is white and black frosting, and two or three round icing tips. It couldn’t be any easier!

What You Need:
Cookies & Cream Cake Recipe
  (I used the exact recipe as you will find on my link above. However, since the cake was a large 9×13, I doubled the cakes, and made 1 1/2 times the icing recipe.)
Black Decorating Icing
  (You could even purchase 2 or 3 tubes of black icing to make it more simple.)
Crushed Oreo or other cookies
Piping Bag and Icing Tips #3, 7 & 12

The hardest two parts:
1- Getting the cookies to stick to the sides and not make a huge mess.
2- Getting all of the letters to fit properly inside of the “magnifying glass.”

Press a 6″ cake pan to make an outline for the circle.
Use a tip #3 to write the letters in black within the outline (before adding the actual icing outline). I made at least 10-15 attempts at the letters with pencil and paper before putting it on to the cake.
Use tip #7 to make the black outline of the magnifying glass.
Use tip #12 to make the squiggly handle of the magnifying glass.
Use tip #12 to make the teardrop border.

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