Cookies How-To

Pretzels! Peanuts! Cookies!

These cookies got quite a few comments from people who weren't sure they were 'real' when I brought them to an event at a brewery last week.

I have to admit that the pretzels took a little longer than I would have liked, but that's because my free-hand artist abilities are less than those of my six-year-olds.

What You Need:
Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough 
  or Chocolate Sugar Cookie Dough
Cookie Cutters (Peanut & Pretzel or Heart & Dog Bone)*
Royal Icing
Food Coloring (Brown, Black, Yellow)
Piping Bags and Tips #1, #2

* I did not have Pretzel or Peanut cookie cutters. So, I used a dog bone for the peanuts, and a combination of a heart, round cutter and bee cutter for the pretzel. (I think you could make just a heart and a knife work for them, if you wanted to be less OCD than me.)

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