Cookies Icing / Frosting Spring/Summer Tip for Tuesday

How To Freeze Decorated Sugar Cookies

Sometimes… okay most of the time… my real life and my life of cake decorating are in competition with one another. I don’t always have time to get everything done that I’d like when I’d like. I’m sure no one else ever feels this way, right?! (sarcasm)

I had heard that you could freeze decorated sugar cookies, and that they would survive without the colors bleeding. I was skeptical. But I thought I could give it a try, and give it a really good test by making some more of these Baseball Cookies I showed you last summer for my sons’ team snacks.

So, I decorated some Chocolate Sugar Cookies and some Vanilla Sugar Cookies. I used dark red icing for the lines/laces on the baseballs on top of a pure white base. If this stuff bleeds, there will be no mistaking. (But 5- and 6-year-olds still won’t care.)

When they were dry, I bagged the cookies into medium-sized treat bags. I put two cookies in with the icing facing out on either side.

I tend to go the easy way out and staple my cookie bags. Tying all those twisties just makes me crazy.

Then I stacked them up in a large Tupperware container to put them in the freezer for a week.

The day I took them out of the freezer was a warm, rainy, humid day. (Of course it was, I live in Minnesota and it’s June!) You can see the foggy condensation all over the outside of the container. I left them in there for about 3 hours, hoping to keep the condensation and humidity from the cookies.

Amazingly, when I took the cookies out, they were perfect! I was so excited. Not a single complaint from the ball players!
If red icing on white doesn’t run, you can bet I will be using this trick in the future when I need to make lots of cookies at a busy time.

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