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Dark Chocolate

Sometimes, cakes don’t turn out EXACTLY like I plan. This was supposed to have brown butter icing, and a beautiful chocolate drippy top. I’m terrible at the drippy top. I practiced on my pan. I thought everything was the right consistency and temperature… and then it glopped. SO, we get this more “rustic” looking cake. …

Cake Chocolate

Chocolate Strawberry Cream Cake {Recipe}

My boys went on a big camping trip (again) this summer. But right before they left we picked pounds of fresh strawberries. So, I made this chocolate-strawberry cake to welcome them home. What you need:Click on each link below for the recipes:6″ Chocolate Cake (doctored cake mix or scratch recipe)Whipped Cream Frosting Strawberry filling/topping:2 cups …

Basics Cake How-To Spring/Summer

Easy Cross Cake

It’s that time of year… First Communion season for the Catholics. Given that I have two second graders, it’s a time of many masses, parties and cakes. The easiest First Communion cake I can make is this cross one. It’s made by cutting a 9×13 cake into pieces, rearranging it, and covering it with icing. …