Basics Decorating with Kids Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving

“Acorn”y Little Thanksgiving Idea

After I saw this acorn treat idea on the website, The Fountain Avenue Kitchen, I decided my children must make them for their teachers as a treat for the upcoming Thanksgiving break.

Of course, being that I just looked at a picture and didn’t read directions, I didn’t realize I needed mini Nilla Wafers instead of regular ones. So, ours didn’t turn out quite as well. But the 7-year-olds didn’t care.

All you need is Hershey’s Kisses, Mini Nilla Wafers (or regular-sized), and a butterscotch chip. Some melted chocolate or almond bark or even icing to put it all together, and let the kids go!

We put four in a bag and added a little note that said: “Acorn”y little gift to say: I’m Thankful for You!
Because well, we’re just acorny like that!

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