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Avocado Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Avocado Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe


  • Bread of choice
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • 2 pieces of Mozzarella cheese slices
  • 1 tomato, sliced
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • butter


1. Heat a skillet over medium heat.

2. Butter one side of 2 slices of whatever bread you’re using. Place one slice butter side down in the pan.

3. Top with sliced avocado, mozzarella cheese slices and a couple slices of tomato. Drizzle with a bit of olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Top with remaining piece of bread, butter side up.

4. Cook until bread is golden brown (2-3 minutes), then flip and brown the other side. Serve.

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